Build Quality

The build quality is one key aspect that determines if the pair of shades is good. As swim coaches ourselves, we face equipment wear and tear through constant soaking in chlorine and exposure to the extreme heat of the sun - The Great Destroyers.

After months of intensive research, we finally found materials that will not lose structural quality, and most importantly, will not melt and get sticky over time. 

With lens that is all UV400 TAC polarised, they provide better protection from both the glare of the sun and the reflection from water. We have also adjusted our lens tint to ensure it is best suited to water sports and outdoor activities.

Frame Material

Our frames are made of Polycarbonate (PC). After researching on different materials used in frame making, we found that PC frames offer the best in terms of durability and strength, and heat, impact and UV resistance. These properties mean PCs are commonly used to make protective equipments like hard hats and safety goggles. They are also used by leading sport eyewear brands. 

Less is often more and so we free our frames of coatings as they are prone to melt, especially after being exposed to Chlorine - the great destroyer, causing it to produce a sticky layer.

Lens Material

The most important thing for a working pair of shades is the lens. Many a time, we go to a shop and choose a pair of shades based on its design and colour. Frame design is the obvious priority, lens colour comes in a close second, and the tint of the lens outside considerations.

We have realised after hours of usage and research, that the tint of lens outward looking has the most effect on the comfortability of a pair of shades.

This is why we have concentrated the most effort in this area, ensuring the tint of our shades is the most suitable for the coaching industry.

Keeping them within the Violet and Blue spectrum that improves colour perception (colour of objects to be seen in their purest form) to give a high-contrast vision experience.

All lenses are made of UV400 Tri-Acetate Cellulose polarised lens (UV400 TAC polarised lens). Essentially, TAC has 7 layers all combining to provide maximum UV protection that blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces glare and eye strain, and is shock and impact resistant. We take eye protection seriously!

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