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KHAKI pronounced /ˈkɑːki/

Kaki (Malay origin) is used affectionately to describe a close friend or a buddy. Also commonly used by the Hokkiens or Teochews, Kaki-Lang or Kaki-Nang refers to one’s kin or relatives, or even a circle of friends, a community.

We believe that a good pair of shades is like a good buddy on all your travels and adventures under the sun. Your Work Kaki, Running Kaki, Workout Kaki, Travel Kaki, Makan Kaki; we would love for KHAKI Shades to be all the different Kaki you need a pair of shades to be.

The Beginning

Khaki Shades was conceived with the coaching and the athletic community in mind. We aim to bring affordable, yet high-quality shades to this community and beyond.

Started by a group of swim coaches and outdoor sales people, every aspect of Khaki is designed with reliability and durability in mind, truly fit for the rigors of a daily worn pair of shades.

Shades are part of a coach’s uniform. As such, we are constantly tweaking and improving our design while having our ears to the ground and staying in tune with the needs of the industry.

Contact Us

Khaki Shades LLP
25 Kaki Bukit Place
Eunos Techpark
Singapore 416203
Tel: +65 8333 7685
Email: khakishades@gmail.com

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